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Avarcas Llonga’s ¡Original menorcan sandals!

Avarcas Llonga's is a Menorcan company that has been making the traditional Menorcan shoes known as "Menorquinas or Abarcas" for almost 100 years. Our products are renowned for their perfect lasts and superior design.

For over 200 years the footwear industry in Menorca has been dedicated to creating high quality, avant-garde-design products using only the best leather and materials. World famous designers have ensured that Menorca remains an internationally recognized pioneer in footwear.

We invite you to explore the precious island of Menorca in your own avarcas. Get to know her crystal-clear turquoise waters, take in the spectacular scenery, inhale the pure air and enjoy the quality of Balearic life.

Menorca, Balearic Islands